LAG Professional Audio Systems. Series A / ADC.


LAG Music of Sounds. A Series.

High-Precision Audio System for Professional Studios and Audiophiles.

The integrated High Precision professional monitoring system LAG Music of Sounds Series A - is an innovative product with unique precision acoustic characteristics. The system combines the unprecedented purity of musical material reproduction, the complete absence of specific tint distortions, the perfect accuracy of the sound picture recovery - with a true transfer of sound space (depth, width and height of the scene), recreating the correct geometric dimensions of sound sources (musical instruments and background noises), the formation of the original musical images and the transfer of the original timbre characteristics of the vocals.

The use of a unique audio path integrated circuit of our own design, the elimination of passive filtering in audio signal dividing section, the use of specially designed cable connections, including more than thirty different know-how, made it possible to achieve an almost ideal frequency response characteristic of our systems (with a deviation of no more than 1 dB within the operating frequency range), with a non-linear distortion coefficient not exceeding 0.01%.


In addition to the accuracy objective characteristics of sound material reproduction, LAG speaker systems have a lively natural sound and musicality, allowing you to listen to the music of absolutely any genre with a proper subjective perception. The absence of extraneous noises in the signal path (even outside the audible range), as well as any wave distortions - eliminates any potential negative impact of our systems on the human body and brain during continuous use, thereby making the use of our products health and salutary.

The LAG A Series system technical and acoustic characteristics allow it to be used both as a precision professional instrument by the sound engineer of a professional recording studio, as well as a High-Precision home audio system (for rooms up to 100 square meters).


LAG Music of Sounds Series A main technical specifications.

Speaker pair:

Rated amplifer power (High/Mid section): 30 W

Maximum amplifer power (High/Mid section): 60 W

Rated amplifer power (Subwoofer section): 60 W

Maximum amplifer power (Subwoofer section): 120 W

Summary system power: 50/100 W

Frequency response effective range: 38 Hz - 22 kHz

Frequency response irregularity: +/- 1 dB

Passive filtering: No

Dimensions mm (W х H х D): 200 х 370 х 350

Amplifer integrated block:

Amplifer module power (RMS/PMPO): 60/100 W

Amplifer modules quantity: 4 modules (2SUB+2High/Mid)

Nonlinear distortion factor, less than: 0,01%

Band-pass filtering: Active

Amplification: Separate per-channel gain

Frequency response: 10 Hz - 80 kHz

For SS-ADC model: BIG BANG DAC (2 channels)

Inputs: 2 х XLR (balanced), USB (B)

Dimensions mm (W х H х D): 485 х 90 х 360


LAG Series A acoustic scene.

The subjective perception of sound space geometry and image focusing.


The LAG Studio Sound monitoring system provides accurate sound field integrity restoration, allowing to achieve a level of music perception comparable to live listening.
* * * *
Sound sources have clear localizations in width, depth and height of the acoustic scene.
* * * *
The acoustic images geometry corresponds to the real parameters of the original, regardless of the sound sources frequency characteristics.
* * * *
The highest system linearity ensures unsurpassed acoustic detalization not only in the forestage, but also in mid- and background (the listener starts hearing the sounds that were previously unheard in a familiar music fragment.
* * * *
The natural sounding of instruments and vocals provide comfortable long-term listening to music of any genre from live classics to electronic music and hard rock.

The LAG A Series professional monitoring system is supplied exclusively in warmed up state, each component of the system undergoes repeated tuning and testing, that is evidenced in a diagnostic sheet which includes the results of frequency response measurements.

LAG | Professional Series A retail price: € 45.000 *


LAG | Professional. ADC Series.

LAG BIG BANG DAC on-board edition.


The LAG Professional monitoring system ADC edition is supplied with a unique integrated multi-bit digital-to-analog converter BIG BANG DAC on-board. The BIG BANG DAC, developed by a team of our specialists, includes more than 30 know-how technical solutions and is a patented device.

LAG BIG BANG DAC is the only digital-to-analog converter on the market that allows you to fully preserve the integrity of a digital musical signal in the process of converting it to analog. A key feature of the digital-to-analog converter BIG BANG DAC is the complete absence of internal signal processing in the device path. Digital signal recovery is carried out bitwise and without even the slightest delay. The BIG BANG DAC internal construction contains no feedback circuits and amplifications for both the input and output signals.

LAG BIG BANG DAC is built on the principle of per-channel signal processing. Each channel is processed by an independent mono-module. This design completely eliminates the interpenetration of signals from adjacent digital (input) and analog channels (output).


LAG BIG BANG DAC main technical specifications.

Digital signal standard – I2S

Frequency support – 0 Hz to 1 MHz

Dynamic range – 16 bit to 32 bit

Peak output voltage – 36 V

DAC core – Burr-Brown DAC8871

Inputs – USB (B)

Compatibility - Apple Mac (PnP)/ PC (driver required)


These unique features of LAG BIG BANG digital-to-analog converter design allow precise musical picture restoration, with complete absence of distortions and transformations, returning the natural sound of live music to the decoded material.

The use of the BIG BANG digital-to-analog converter in the integrated design of LAG Professional monitoring system ADC Series made it possible to achieve a level of the reproduced musical material perception comparable to live music listening.

LAG Studio Sound SS-ADC retail price: € 50.000 *


* The indicated price exclude VAT and import charges.