LAG Power | Model One.

LAG Genuine Power Cords.

Power network interference elimination cords.

The operation of any electronic device is powered by a home or industrial AC power network. Depending of a country of equipment usage, the power network voltage varies from 100 to 250 Volts and is a low-frequency sinusoidal current source with a frequency of 50 / 60Hz.

The choice of this type of source of electric current caused by the maximum versatility and security reasons, but generally by the possibility of unlimited parallel connection of numerous consumers. And this important advantage appeared to become the supreme problem for the accuracy of high-precision electronic equipment, in particular, audio signal recording and reproducing systems.

The fact is that a huge number of different types of connected consumers within the same power network - creates chaotic parasitic network interferences, such as - oscillations and voltage deviations, the appearance of impulse voltages, the emersion of multiple network harmonics, deviations of the fundamental frequency and others.

These uncontrolled processes adversely affect the process of passing the signal through the electronic path and the results of its processing, violating the design standards of electronic components used in the circuits, and under certain conditions they can even physically damage the components of the system.

In the case of audio signal recording and reproducing equipment, the effect of these interferences is reflected in the distortion of the tonal balance of the audio signal, a perceptible decrease in the focusing accuracy of acoustic images, distortion of the original timbres of the sound sources, and as a result in the destruction of musical picture integrity.

The use of traditional network filters and conditioners makes it possible to eliminate critical network interferences that is dangerous for the physical integrity of electronic equipment, but such systems are unable to smooth a sinusoidal AC signal. This is due to the fact that the power supply of the electronic circuits of the filter itself is provided by the same unfiltered current network source, and therefore the stability of the output sinusoidal signal is indirectly affected by errors in the operation of the electronic control circuits.


LAG Solution.


After conducting hundreds of tests of various components and materials, studying their influences on the character and authenticity of the reproduced musical images, we selected top-quality structural elements of the best world manufacturers and developed our own cable and connecting materials applying a unique patented manufacturing technology.

As a conductive material, we use special high-purity oxygen-free copper conductors made by special order in accordance with our patented production specifications. The conductors have multi-stage special insulation and assembled by patented direct-weaving technology. We use top-quality power plugs plated with gold or rhodium, depending on the acoustic system type and internal circuit structure.

The minimum (standard) length of LAG Power cables is 20ft (610cm). The indicated length is a result of deep studying the processes of power signal transmission and became an optimal filtering length.

Each of our audio systems is completed with a set of necessary connecting and power cables of our own production, which is an essential part of our integral technological approach. At the same time some of our cable solutions (such as LAG Power cables) can be purchased separately to improve the quality of electronic and acoustic systems, produced by other manufacturers.

LAG Power Model One cable (standard length) retail price: € 3.000 *

(the price is indicated for separate order, no additional price charged when purchased with LAG System)


* The indicated price exclude VAT and import charges.